Dani terrizzi


Dani Terrizzi is a multimedia artist with a focus on video, sound, and digital installation. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) from Massey University in 2014. Her current research draws from experiences and memories of her immediate environment, exploring and revealing the sensory dimensions of living and non-living entities. Such themes are explored through the use of AV based installations. These forms, both physical within the imagery of the projections as well as the sounds, are abstracted details of familiar subjects. Her installations are sensory pathways that seem to take on their own living entity; they project feelings of intangible and uncanny emotion that are never one thing or another, somehow sitting between states.

“How can we change our attitude towards things? When I speak of ‘things’ I am referring to all matter, living and non-living; every physical manifestation that humans can possibly recognise as a ‘thing’; that which we can perceive through our senses - touch, see, smell, hear or taste. Human cultures tend to label and categorise things in order to make sense of them and use them to their advantage, and it seems to me that contemporary culture takes this to the absolute extreme. This culture has caused populations to lose touch with the subtle existence of these ‘things’. We’ve come to the belief that they exist for us, and outside of us, separate from our bodies. We have abstracted everything exterior to our bodies with concepts, properties and descriptions, veiling our sense of connection and feeling to these ‘things’. We believe that we can live independently of the natural world - our ecosystem, that which we are a part of, and is a part of us.

I experience my surroundings as diverse fields of textures and dimensions, sounds and energies that intertwine and connect in mysterious and complex ways. I believe that everything has layers, and I often use the principle of layering in my work which reinforces the feeling that there is an immeasurable depth to all things. My most recent process involves collecting snippets of sound and video footage from my surroundings; close-up shots of moving textures, environments, and compositions that I am drawn to. I’m interested in the process of revealing through accentuating, manipulating, re-purposing, and re-contextualising material. Through this form of work, I hope to de-centre the anthropocentric view that dominates contemporary thought.”

Trembling in the Balance, 2015

Biophilia, 2016

Wishing Well, 2016